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Communication Training: Effective Communication with Diplomacy

1. DiSC® Workplace Personalized Assessment
2. Overview of the DiSC ® Communication Styles
3. Understand Your Communication Styles and Others
4. Strategies for Effective Relationships
5. Embrace Differences – Communication Gap

Team Building Training: Maximize Your Strengths for Team Performance

1. Identify Your Strengths for a Team
2. Maximum Team Performance
3. Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Productivity – Team Building
4. Strategies for Team Cohesiveness

Strategies for a Respectful Workplace (Cross-cultural/Multicultural)

1. Cultural Diplomacy in a Workplace
2. Increase Your Cultural Awareness
3. Embrace Diversity for a Respectful Workplace

Management Training: Effectively Manage Yourself and Others

1. DiSC® Management Personalized Assessment
2. Understand Your Management Priorities & Preferences
3. Learn Your Time Management, Decision Making & Problem Solving Style
4. Directing & Delegating Styles of Your Own
5. Enhance Your Management Skills (Your Motivation Factors & Other Styles)
6. Strategies to Develop Your Direct Reports & Team Members

Confrontation・Conflict Resolutions

1. Learn How to Give and Receive Feedback in Multicultural Interactions
2. Conflict Management and Resolutions with the Asians

Asian Business Protocol – East and West

1. Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Styles – East and West
2. Business Card Protocol
3. Seating Protocol
4. Order of Precedence
5. Similarities and Differences of Perceptions and Work Behaviors


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