What’s DiSC®?


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DiSC® Workplace Discovering Your DiSC Style
Understanding Other Styles
Building Effective Relationships
Professional Development
DiSC® Work of Leaders Discover Your Leadership Style
Vision, Alignment, and Execution
Team Dimensions® Profile Identify Your Strengths in the Five team Roles
Learn the “Z” Process to Capitalize Team Performance
Team building
Management Development
Time Management
Discovering Diversity® Profile Explore Diversity Issues in Four Key Areas
Gain Insight, Take Action, Value Diversity
Cross-cultural Interactions
Management Development
Change Management


DiSC® learning instruments are used worldwide and translated into 25 languages. All assessment tools can be taken individually or as a group through web-based system, EPIC. Go to Programs> for our 2012 training programs.


DiSC® is a registered trademark of Inscape Publishing, Inc.